Wild Carbon

Rewilding Land, Rebuilding Lives!

Wild Carbon


Rewild Lands, Rebuilding Lives, One Tree at a Time

Globally, wildlife are face increasingly fragmented shrinking habitats and high human-wildlife conflict, while people living with wildlife face significant loss of livelihoods and risk to their lives and properties.

Our mission is to “Rewild” lands by partnering with farmers and communities living around wildlife parks through the Wild Carbon program.

Mitigate Human-Wildlife Conflict

Enable Carbon Sequestration

Provide Alternative Livelihoods 

Create Space and Habitat for Wildlife

Through the Wild Carbon program, we partner with farms based on their conflict history, and willingness to afforest a portion of their land. Our long-term partnerships with local communities and individuals, and prior experience with the regulatory processes will allow us to foster ecologically sensitive habitats adjacent to wildlife parks. To these farms, we provide native medicinal and fruit saplings along with long-term timber species. In India, we are currently partnering with 10,000 farms to implement the program.

Contact Us

For any queries regarding our work, opportunities to collaborate and for donating to us please reach out to us at outreach@cwsus.org